Balance, Self Exploration, Growth
Mental Health
Mental Health
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Mental health and physical health are bidirectional – one affects the other and vice versa. I focus on identifying the deeper, more significant barriers that might be keeping you from achieving your goals and being the healthiest version of yourself.
Holistic Health and Wellness
Holistic Health and Wellness
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So many people struggle with navigating the world of wellness because it has become so complex and over saturated. Learn how to nourish your body and your mind through self acceptance, mindfulness, and lifestyle shifts.
Healthy Relationships
Healthy Relationships
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Relationships to your partner, your children, your community, your finances, your job… These are all important aspects of your happiness that may need some more attention. I will help guide you.


My focus is on overall wellness, including physical and mental health, nutritional and lifestyle implications for mental clarity, and healthy and beneficial relationships. I specialize in the areas of self concept, stress management, and relationship concerns, and I also work with couples in the areas of pre-marital and marital counseling. My focus is on the whole person versus just the problem, and I provide constructive guidance and unconditional support to help you make your way through life's difficulties.

  • Masters of science in social work, LCSW

    Columbia University School of Social Work, New York City. Licensed Clinical Social Workers in New York State undergo an extensive multi-year period of post-graduate supervised work experience, culminating in a licensure exam and practice standards that include diagnosis and private practice.

  • Certificate in advanced therapy

    New York University, New York City

  • Nutritional/integrative interventions for Mental health disorders

    PESI, New York City


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