Mariah C. Ely, Therapist in New York


A few years ago I decided to create a private therapy practice that focuses on overall wellness, including physical health, mental clarity, nutrition, lifestyle, and healthy relationships. I specialize in the areas of self concept, stress management, and relationship concerns, both with individuals looking to transform their lives and with couples looking to transform their relationships.  Read about Mariah's career and approach.

Who's it For?

Therapy with Mariah is beneficial to anyone who has struggled to find balance and to feel worthy of love and belonging. It’s for those who have found themselves caught in cycles of anxiety, toxic relationships, low self esteem, and negativity. It is ideal for those who want to embrace life in a healthier, fuller, and more vulnerable way. 


Our Focus


Healing your life is a complex process. Together, we will tackle your feelings, beliefs, and behaviors - balancing all areas of health, mental health, and lifestyle so that your unique needs are consistently met. 


Transform the way you perceive yourself and others, and uncover the links between past and present influences on your self concept, deepening your relationship with yourself in the process. 


Find inner peace through stress management techniques, healthy rituals, and mindfulness practices. Change your mind, change your life, find your happiness.


How We Work


Sessions can be conducted in-person at my office in New York City, or remote via video chat (available to New York State residents only).

Click below to inquire about the type of session that works best for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept insurance?

Yes, I accept Cigna. Please contact me regarding out of network fees and sliding-scale pricing.


What are your specialities?

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, stress management, development of positive self concept, vulnerability, lifestyle balance, and integrative nutrition for mental health issues. 


What are your credentials?

I graduated from Columbia University School of Social Work in 2011 and received my LMSW (Licensed Master of Social Work) that same year. I completed a post graduate program in Advanced Therapy at NYU in 2013, and was licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in 2014. (Read More link to about page?)


If you believe you’re incapable of change then you are. But if you believe you’re worthy of happiness and fulfillment, then you’ll search for it at all costs.